It's 2021, Why Buy a CD Player? Here Are 10 Reasons To Buy A CD Player

It's 2021, Why Buy a CD Player? Here Are 10 Reasons To Buy A CD Player

So many people have completely written off the CD format. But why? It's not because sound quality got better with downloads. It's simply because it is more convenient to have all of your music in the palm of your hand. You can now sift through it with the swipe of a finger using a smartphone, iPod, or MP3 player.

Even though streaming music has certainly beat CDs in popularity, there are still many great reasons to make CDs your go to audio format. Here are 10 of them: 


1. Bitrate

Bitrate is the number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a digital network. The clarity of your music is based on bitrate. The higher the bitrate, the more clear the audio is. CDs have a Bitrate of 1,411 kbps, that's 4 times higher than MP3s at 320 kbps.

2. CDs Are Cheaper Than Ever And Sometimes FREE

You can purchase CDs for a bargain these days. You can even sometimes get a crazy good deal from someone who is looking to part with there collection. You can buy new and popular CDs for as little as $3 in stores or $4 online.

 cd prices are at an all time low

3. You Already Own Compact Discs

Chances are, you already have a nice collection of CDs somewhere. Pop your old compact discs out and reminisce!

Compact disc CD collection in a box and stacked Cases

4. A Lot of Music is Only Released on CD

There is plenty of good music that will never be made available for download. The main reason that artists do not make their music available for download is because streaming software companies want too large of a cut of their profits.

5. You Completely Own The Music

By owning a CD, it is yours forever. You don't need to worry about a disagreement between a record company and a streaming platform resulting in your favorite music being unavailable to you. You also don't have to pay for a membership to maintain access to your music.

6. CDs Are More Reliable Than Other Formats

A CD can get scratched and skip or possibly stop playing. You probably aren't 'losing' very much. By saving all of your music on your phone or computer, there are many reason your ALL of your music would become inaccessible. Your computer could crash for whatever reason, your phone could die, you could lose internet connection which is necessary for streaming, etc. 

7. Most cars have a CD player

It is more likely that a car is capable of playing a CD versus any other format. Plus, you don't have to wear out your phone's battery!

for mustang vintage race red old school

8. You can get a good CD player for only $99.99

Today, you can get a good CD player for only $100 dollars from SpenCertified. You can view them by clicking here.

9. Some CD players are great conversation pieces

There are some 6-in-1 CD player devices that have a very aesthetic vintage appeal. They are a versatile device bringing together 6 or more audio devices and something to show off!

 Teac all-in-one stereo system compact disc design

10. CDs are more convenient in some cases

CDs can easily be considered more convenient. Especially by owning a disc changer. These devices can hold anywhere from 5 discs to 400. The 400 CD mega changers provide super easy shuffling and searching through your entire CD collection. View Mega CD Changers here.


CDs may seem to have bit the dust according to many people, but some recognize it as superior for good reason. Compact Discs will always sound better than any MP3 download. CDs are not dead, they are very much alive and well.


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Perry Newton - May 16, 2019

I love the quality of the sound I get from CDs and the ease of use. I can skip around to any track I want, or even program tracks in any order. Can’t beat ’em!

JERRY HOKE - May 16, 2019


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