CD and CD Player Fun Facts

CD and CD Player Fun Facts

    At SpenCertified, we provide the highest quality of refurbished vintage electronics on the planet. Today, we are going to provide you with some great fun facts about one of our best selling products, The CD player.
  1. Sony and Philips teamed up to create the CD format and set a new standard for audio formats.
  2. The first commercially produced CD player was the Sony CDP-101 and was released in 1982.
  3. The first CD player was $1,500.
  4. CDs have a bitrate of 1,411. This is 4x clearer than the quality you would get from and downloadable format. Such as music that you would get from your computer, cell phone, streaming, the radio and more. A standard bitrate from those formats is 160 to 320. 
  5. CDs are made out of polycarbonate plastic.
  6. The diameter of a CD is 120mm.
  7. The audio from a CD relies on little pits within the disc and there are up to 16 billion pits on a disc.
  8. There are disc changers available with capacities ranging from 2 CDs to 403 CDs.
  9. James Russell was the inventor of optical digital recording and playback concept.
  10. By the year 2007, 200 billion CDs had been sold.
  11. The first CD was the album Living Eyes by the Bee Gees.
  12. CDs have a standard capacity of 74 minutes.
  13. The first CD player was released and Japan and wasn't available in the USA until months later.
  14. CD players have been discontinued by major manufactures and your only options are to buy a used one (which is your best option) or buy a new generic type one.
  15. CDs spin at a speed up to 500 RPMs or Rotations Per Minute.
  16. Car manufactures have recently stopped putting CD players in cars.
  17. You used to be able to purchase CD changers for your car with capacities of up to 12. Now they are hard to come by, special order one from us!
  18. CDs are 1.2mm thick
  19. The largest pit in a CD is 3.054 microns and the smallest is .833 
  20. CDs do not have copyright protection
  21. Recording CDs is super easy, especially with a dual tray system
  22. A new CD in the 1980s ranged in price from $15.99 to $23.99
  23. Today, you can get CDs for free or dirt cheap. As long as you are ok with used.
  24. CDs were invented in 1979
  25. CDs are 40 years old as of 2019
  26. CDs are more convenient, depending on how you look at it and the equipment you have.
  27. CD stands for compact disc.
  28. CDR stands for CD Recordable
  29. CDRW stand for CD rewritable
  30. CDRs may only be recorded once
  31. CDRWs can be be re recorded as many times as you want.
  32. Some CDRs are only meant for computers and don't work for standard CD recording.
  33. A much larger range of music is available on CD as opposed to online. 
  34. CD sales peaked in 2001
  35. The estimated shelf life of a CD is 100 years.
  36. The first commercial CD pressed in the United States was Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the U.S.A.
  37. Mercedes-Benz was the first automobile company to offer CD players in their vehicles.
  38. In a world of rapidly changing standards, CDs are withstanding the test of time. The same basic technical specifications for CDs developed by Sony and Phillips over 10 years ago are still in use today.
  39. The music on a CD is imprinted in the form of pits of varying length on a spiral track 3.52 miles (5.66 kilometers) long.
  40. There are CD that can record CD 16x faster than the original playback speed
  41. CDs were a major stepping stone towards DVDs and Blu-Ray
  42. SACD stands for Super Audio Compact Discs
  43. SACDs can play with 5.1 channel and provide a surround sound experience.
  44. HDCD has 20 bits of audio information yielding a greater dynamic range.
  45. HDCD was developed by Keith Johnson and Pflash Pflaumer
  46. HDCD stands for High Definition Compatible Digital

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    Bob Jeffries - May 25, 2021

    Do you take cd players as trade-ins? I have a Denon single disc, bought ~ 2008. It still works, but the remote had an issue 3 yrs ago & I bought a replacement from Redi Remote. I think I still have all original packaging (and original remote). Thinking about a multi-cd player. I don’t need speakers, I like mine.

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