DVD+VHS Player Buying Guide

DVD+VHS Player Buying Guide

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  • What is a DVD+VCR Player?
  • A DVD+VCR Combo Player, or more commonly, a DVD+VCR, is a multiplex or converged device, convenient for consumers who wish to use both VHS tapes and DVDs.

  • Can I connect a DVD VCR to my SMART TV?
  • Absolutely! Any compatible HDMI VCR will work. You can usually hook up your DVD/VCR using the component jacks on your smart TV. Just connect the red white and yellow cable to the DVD VCR out on the back of the unit. Then connect the other end of the cord yellow to green and red to red and white to white.

  • Why do I need a DVD+VCR Player?
  • With a DVD+VCR, you can conveniently view both VHS & DVD on a single device, clearing up space.

  • Can I still buy a DVD+VCR Player?
  • Yes, you can still buy a DVD+VCR Player. You can see what we currently have in stock here.

  • Do DVD+VCR Players have HDMI?
  • Yes, some DVD+VCR Player have HDMI compatibility. Some that have an HDMI only support DVD playback through the HDMI and not VHS. Recorders generally play both through HDMI, but not always. Contact us if you are unsure if the device you are interested in has this feature.


  • Can you copy VHS tapes to DVD on a DVD+VCR Player?

    In order to copy VHS to DVD, you will need a DVD+VCR Recorder. Not all DVD+VCR Players have a recorder feature, so be sure to check before you purchase.

  • What formats can be played on a DVD+VCR Player?
  • The following formats can be played on most DVD VCRs: Commercial DVDs, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, VHS tapes, CDs, CD-R, CD-RW.


  • Progressive Scan:
  • Progressive scanning is a format of displaying, storing, or transmitting moving images in which all the lines of each frame are drawn in sequence. This is in contrast to interlaced video used in traditional analog television systems where only the odd lines, then the even lines of each frame are drawn alternately, so that only half the number of actual image frames are used to produce video. This allows for a better viewing experience.

  • HDMI:
  • This allows you to use your DVD+VHS Player in High Definition to get the highest quality available.

  • 2 Way Dubbing:
  • This feature allows for 2 way recording, transferring from DVD to VHS, or VHS to DVD.

  • Dolby Digital & DTS (Digital Theater System)
  • Dolby Digital is a digital audio coding technique that reduces the amount of data needed to produce high quality sound. Dolby Digital provides five full-bandwidth channels, front left, front right, center, surround left, and surround right, for true surround sound quality. DTS is similar to Dolby Digital, encoding the audio as five primary (full-range) channels plus a special LFE (low frequency effects) channel for the subwoofer.

    Dolby Digital


  • Tuner:

    Devices with built in tuners allow you to schedule recordings without having your TV tuned to a specific channel. It allows you to record a show while watching another show.

  • Auto Play:
  • With auto play, you can automatically skip ads, trailers, and menus so you can get right to watching your favorite content.

  • One Remote:
  • One of the perks of having a DVD+VCR is that you can control the multi format unit with just one remote. No need to try to find the correct remote to control your media devices anymore.

  • Rapid Rewind:
  • This feature allows you to rapidly rewind your VHS tapes, rather than having long waiting times for your VHS tape to fully rewind.

  • Multi Format Playback:
  • With multi format playback, you can view your favorite VHS tapes, DVDs, music and photos all on one unit.

  • SVHS:
  • SVHS is a high-quality video recording format. S-VHS VCRs use specially formulated tapes to deliver up to 60% higher horizontal resolution than standard VHS; while standard VHS delivers 240 lines of resolution, S-VHS delivers 400. DVHS stands for "Digital VHS." When connected to a compatible HDTV tuner, a D-VHS VCR can record HDTV programs in full resolution, along with their accompanying multichannel soundtracks. D-VHS currently offers the highest resolution recording and playback of any consumer video format.

    DVD VCR Combo Recorder


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    Dr.Kapu Ramesh - February 1, 2021

    does thoshiba dvr 620 convert my VHS PAL recorded cassettes to dvd

    Joseph Carrion - February 1, 2021

    Hello, I have a Toshiba D-VR610KU recorder I had connected to a RCA 49" Lcd tv and worked great. The X1 Comcast box was connected to the DVD/VCR input on back and DVD/VCR out to the tv, HDMI out of the recorder to HDMI 2 to the tv, I could record tv shows and movies on to DVD. Now I just recently replaced the RCA with a LG 49" smart tv, hooked it up the same way but I’m not getting tv signal to the combo. Please help.

    Joe Juarez - February 1, 2021

    Iwant to copy VHS tapes to DVD how or what do I need ?

    David Biller - February 1, 2021

    what the price?

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