How to connect a CD player

How to connect a CD player

How do I connect my CD player to speakers?'

If you are wondering this, you have come to the right place!

Connecting a CD player to speakers is very simple. Let me show you.

Let's first get familiar with the connections on your CD player.

Most CD players will have analog as well as optical and coaxial digital audio. Many audiophiles say that optical digital audio is the best.

I don’t personally feel that way, I think it depends on the type of music and your personal preference. Analog audio tends to provide a warmer sound as opposed to a digital sound.

If you are curious, get a machine that is furnished with both connections.

The next thing you will need to understand is how it connects to your speaker or speakers.

Typically, you will connect the CD player to a receiver like this one. Ideally, you will connect it to a connection labeled CD in. You can connect it to just about any jack as long as you set the machine to the correct input. I am going to connect the analog cable to the CD player and the CD input.

If you are using optical or coaxial digital audio, you will likely need to assign the connection to the CD input. Some receivers require you to enter the setup menus while others have an analog/digital button for quickly switching. It is best to refer to the owners manual for this step. 

You will now need to connect your speakers if you haven’t already.

Those will typically require a standard speaker wire, it generally doesn’t matter how thick the cable is. Just match the plus and minus on each end.

Some speaker wire is labeled for easily matching the ends. Make sure that each speaker is connected to the proper connection. If you just have 2 speakers, connect them to the right and left channel of the A speakers. 

If you don’t have an amplifier and stereo speakers, you can connect your cd player to a portable speaker or smaller speaker. Any speaker that has an auxiliary jack, also known as a 3.5 mm jack can be connected to a cd player. Just get a cord that is analog on one end and 3.5 mm on the other end.

Some TV speakers can be used with a CD player.

Just match the red and white cable to the audio INPUT and set the tv to the correct input. If you don’t hear anything, the TV may require a video signal. If this is the case, you will need to hookup a video device such as a DVD player. This could be pretty interesting if you want to watch a movie while listening to some music. Imagine watching the terminator while listening to Christmas music.

I hope this was helpful to you. If you are looking for a CD player, please consider shopping our online store.

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