How To Connect a DVD Player To Your TV

Hello! Spencer here. Today I am going to help you get your DVD player connected to your TV.

To start, you will want to look at the available connections on your TV and DVD player to see what your options are. 

I recommend using the HDMI port if that is an available option. This will provide the best picture and sound, plus it is the easiest to hookup since there is only one wire.

To use the HDMI connection, connect one end an HDMI cable to the DVD player. Be sure to plug it in properly, it does need to be inserted a certain way. Then connect the other end to your TV. Take note of what the connection is labeled.

Now that the wiring is complete, you will need to set your TV to the correct input. Use the remote to set the input to the used slot. The input name should match the label for the connection. I used HDMI 1, so I will set it to HDMI 1. Setup is now complete.

If your TV or DVD player does not have HDMI, the next best solution is the use Component. 

Component is a 3 wire RGB or Red Green Blue cable. The 3 wires only process video, so you will also need a Red and White audio cable. To complete the connection, match the colors on one end of the component video cable to the component connections on the DVD player. Then match the red and white audio cable to the audio connections.

Now connect the other end of those cables to your TV. Match up the colors, but don't mix up the two red wires. Take note of what the connection is labeled.

Now set the input to the correct one and you're all done.

That's it! I hope that this helped you out. Please like the video and subscribe if it did. If you are still stuck, leave a comment below and I will try to help you out.

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