Should you get an S-Video VCR? Understanding Super VHS / SVHS and S-Video

Should you get an S-Video VCR? Understanding Super VHS / SVHS and S-Video

The short answer is yes.

Here’s why…

S-Video VCRs will produce better image quality than standard VCRs. This does not only apply to SVHS tapes, but also standard VHS tapes. Technically this isn’t supposed to be true according to the manufacturers. After testing hundreds of different VCRs, I have been able to decide that there is a difference. If you are trying to achieve the best picture quality, get an S-Video VCR.


The specifics…

S-VHS uses different frequencies to record the luminance portion of the video signal. Since the SVHS has higher carrier frequencies, it is capable of recording twice as much detail when compared to VHS, also with less distortion and noise. Since SVHS tapes and VHS tapes are designed differently, a special VCR will be necessary for SVHS playback.

What is S-Video resolution?

S-Video connections are capable of 576i resolution.

What is SVHS resolution?

SVHS tapes always record at least 400i or 400 lines of resolution, 

What is the resolution of VHS?

VHS will record about 230i or 230 lines of resolution. 

Is S-Video better than composite video?



Are professional S-Video VCRs better than standard S-Video VCRs?

Yes, you will tend to get what you pay for. If all the machines are properly serviced, a high end S-Video VCR will produce better image quality than a standard S-Video VCR.


What does SVHS stand for?

Super Video Home System


Where can you buy an S-Video SVHS VCR VHS Player?

Shop S-Video VCRs at this link.

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