VHS Player Buying Guide

VHS Player Buying Guide

Common Questions

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  • Can you still buy a VHS Player? 

Yes, you can still buy a VHS Player! Although they are not produced anymore, there are tons of used and refurbished models available in our store. 

Where can I buy a VCR? 
VCR’s are hard to come by nowadays, but you can buy a VCR at our store! We have numerous models to choose from. Click here to check out what we currently have in stock.

  • Will a VCR work with my smart TV? 

Most Smart TV's only have HDMI Input. For this reason, you will need to get a VCR with HDMI Output. But, be careful which one you get, as not all HDMI DVD VCR's will play VHS through HDMI. Most VHS to DVD Recorders are capable of outputting to VHS through HDMI. We have many that will work with your Smart TV, just ask us for help picking a unit that is right for you.

HD VHS Video Cassette Recorder HDMI VCR DVHS Player

  • Why would I want a VCR? 

You may want a VCR for multiple reasons. Whether you still have timeless VHS Tapes laying around, record your favorite TV Programs, the fact that they’re easier to edit or even how VHS tapes last so long. 

  • What does VCR stand for?

VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder.

  • What does VHS stand for?

VHS stands for Video Home System.

  • Do I want to transfer VHS to DVD?

If you have old camcorder footage on a VHS tape and plan to pass it down, you may want to transfer the VHS to DVD. When doing so, you allow yourself to be able to view the footage on much more possible devices than just a VHS Player.



  • Jet Rewind/Rapid Rewind:

    This feature allows you to rapidly rewind your VHS tapes, rather than having long waiting times for your VHS tape to fully rewind.

    • 2 Way Dubbing:

    This feature allows for 2 way recording, transferring from VHS to VHS, or VHS to DVD.

    • DVD + VCR:

      This features allows to you view both VHS tapes and DVDs.

    • S-Video/S-VHS/D-VHS:
    • S-VHS is a high-quality video recording format. S-VHS VCRs use specially formulated tapes to deliver up to 60% higher horizontal resolution than standard VHS; while standard VHS delivers 240 lines of resolution, S-VHS delivers 400. D-VHS stands for "Digital VHS." When connected to a compatible HDTV tuner, a D-VHS VCR can record HDTV programs in full resolution, along with their accompanying multichannel soundtracks. D-VHS currently offers the highest resolution recording and playback of any consumer video format.

      Mitsubishi VCR Video Cassette Recorder S-Video SVHS

      • HDMI:

      This allows you to use your VHS Player in High Definition to get the highest quality available.

      • Mono/Hi-Fi:

      This feature allows you to use mono audio which is a single audio channel or Hi-Fi audio which refers to high-quality reproduction of sound which includes more than one audio channel. Basically you want a Hi-Fi and not a Mono.

      • Tuner:

      Devices with built in tuners allow you to schedule recordings without having your TV tuned to a specific channel. It allows you to record a show while watching another show.

      • Jog Dial:

      On a VCR, a combined jog/shuttle control may take the form of a large dial, button, or joystick. This convenient, all-in-one control usually provides most or all tape playback modes including play, stop, and pause, as well as fast forward, rewind, slow motion, and frame-by-frame.

      Hitachi VCR Video Cassette Recorder w/ Jog Dial
      456 E Juanita Ave Suite 8
      Mesa, AZ 85204
      (480) 207-1511
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      Scott - February 1, 2021

      Looking for a VCR ( VHS & DVD) to work with a Samsung flatscreen (HDMI). Please suggest a couple VCR’s with your prices.
      Thank you.

      John Tomasello - February 1, 2021

      Looking for a VHS recorder to record off FM stations.

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