What Are The Different CD Players That Exist?

What Are The Different CD Players That Exist?

CD players have come a very long way from the very first CD player, the Sony CDP-101, made in 1982. That means the CD player turns 36 this year. Let's take a look at the different CD players.

The Standard Single Disc Design-

Technics single disc compact disc player unit device vintage

These players may seem basic, but the audio that comes from CD players is amazing. Don't waste your time playing CDs in a DVD player when you could use one of these. CD players have special hardware that allows it to play CDs at way higher quality than a regular DVD player.

5 Disc Changer-

Sony 5 Disc CD Changer Carousal Compact Disc

5 and 6 disc exchange systems. These will hold 5 CDs, sometimes 6, and make it much easier to listen to 5 albums at once. Just turn on shuffle all discs and it will play a random CD and song everytime. 

200 Disc Changer-

200 sony cd changer CDP-CX220

You could go up to a 400 disc changer, but sometimes it isn't necessary. These will allow you to load 200 CDs at once. It also has optical audio out to produce even better audio.

400 Disc Changer-

Sony 400 disc dvd explorer changer silver with remote cdp-cx777es

You can can get a 400 disc changer that plays just CDs, or one that plays DVDs and CDs. They will both play CDs at the same quality. With many models, you can give each disc a title so you can find it more easily.

Under Cabinet CD Players- 

Sony under cabinet cupboard compact disc kitchen unit hardware

Under Cabinet CD Players were a major advancement in the CD world. They allowed you to install a CD player under any cupboard, or really under any thin wooden surface. They are really convenient. Anyone who spends time in the kitchen, needs one of these. Not only is it a CD player, but it also has a built in radio so that you can listen to AM/FM radio. If you buy the right one, you can get amazing audio with very clean bass. 

CD Recorder-

Sony dual deck cd dubber dubbing machine and 5 disc changer

 A CD Recorder, or Compact Disc Burner, will let you record audio onto a CD. Just connect an external device, play audio and record. It's very simple!


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