How to Connect Your TV to a Surround Sound System / Home Theater Speakers

Hey, Spencer here and today I am going to help you get your television set up with your sound system. The first method that I show you will be the simplest and most common setup. The last method will be most ideal, but your system may not be capable.

Method 1, an optical digital audio cable.  Also known as a fiberoptic toslink or Toshiba Link cable. Your TV and audio system should have an optical digital audio connection available on the back. Connect one end to the back of your TV and the other end to the back of your sound system. When connecting the cable, make that you insert it properly. Also, some cables have a removable protective cap that will need to be removed. The wiring is now complete and you may need to adjust the audio settings on your TV and receiver.

Method 2, this way is very similar to the previous method but you will be using an analog audio cable instead. You should only do this if you can't do the optical cable. Many TVs have an analog audio output and most sound systems have an analog audio input. Connect one end of the cable to the TV output and the other end to your sound system.

If you use method 1 or 2, any audio that would normally go to the TV speakers will now go to your surround sound system.

The final method, which is the best method, is to use a HDMI audio video cable. If you want to do this, you will need a compatible receiver. Connect one end of a HDMI cable to an IN on the TV and the other end to an OUT on the speaker system. With this method, you will need to connect your DVD player, game system and cable box to the speaker system rather than directly to the TV.

I hope that I was able to help you successfully connect your TV to your speakers. If so, please leave a like and subscribe. If not, leave a comment below about your dilemma and I will try to assist you.

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