Send in your device for repair

Want to get your device repaired? Here is how it works. 

We charge $100 to take apart and diagnose your device. If we can repair it in less than 2 hours without any parts, there won't be additional repair costs. If the repair requires additional parts or additional labor, you will be responsible for the costs. Let us know of your repair budget and we will contact you if repair costs exceed that amount. When parts are required, we may need to special order them which will take additional time and you may be waiting a little longer. We guarantee all repairs we complete for 30 days after you receive your product back. 


Shipping us your item.

When you send us your item, we recommend packing it well. At a minimum, 1 inch of bubble wrap and 1 inch of peanuts or other material around the entire item to make sure that everything arrives in one piece.

Please include the remote control for your device if your device came with one. Some devices require a remote for proper testing.

You will be responsible for the shipping cost to and from Mesa, Arizona.

If you want to send it in...

Send it to our address and include a note with the problems you are experiencing, or fill out the form below and we'll get back with you as soon as possible.

456 E Juanita Ave
Suite 8 
Mesa, AZ