10 Important DVD Recorder Features - A Buyer Guide for Getting the Correct DVD Recorder

10 Important DVD Recorder Features - A Buyer Guide for Getting the Correct DVD Recorder

Shopping is sometimes difficult...

With all of the different DVD recorders available, it makes it difficult to know the difference between them. I've listed some important features for making your shopping experience easy.

1. Digital Tuner

The Digital Tuner gives you access to Digital Broadcasts for newer setups. Many more recently installed systems will require this feature.

2. Analog Tuner

A regular tuner will allow you to receive standard analog broadcasts.


HDMI is the highest quality video and you can get 1080i or 1080p. 1080p is the better one.

4. VCR Plus

The VCR plus feature was first seen on a VCR. It was used to make recording TV shows easier.

5. S-Video In

If you want to record in higher quality and the device you are recording from has S-Video Out, you should find a DVD recorder with S-Video In.

6. USB

A USB port makes it possible to play and record media from a USB device.


7. VCR/DVD Recorder in one

The will make transferring VHS tapes to DVD super simple. You can also playback you VHS collection.


8. DV In

Easily record media from a camera. It requires the connection of one wire for you to record from your camera to DVD.


9. SD Card Slot

Easily play and record videos and photos from an SD card.


10. Super Multi Format Disc Recording

Record to all current DVD disc formats with Super Multi Format Recording: DVD±R /DVD±RW/DVD+R Double Layer/DVD-RAM



Being aware of these features will make it much easier to pick a DVD recorder. If you are still confused or just want a second opinion, feel free to contact us.


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