16 Reasons to Own a VCR in 2021

16 Reasons to Own a VCR in 2021

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VHS is still king!

Look, VHS has been put down a lot over the years because some people are just too caught up in the "new." Who needs those people though! We here at SpenCertified are sticking behind our little buddy the VHS, and we've got a few reasons why you should too!
  1. You can't scratch a VHS tape or get it dirty. A VHS tape is something you might just be willing to let kids handle.
  2. Stacking them on themselves won't destroy them like those cheap DVDs.
  3. A VHS tape will always remember where you left off, no matter how long it has been and it doesn't need to be the same VCR.
  4. It's easier to skip the previews and FBI warnings.
  5. If it breaks, you can fix it easier than those flimsy DVDs
  6. If you fall asleep watching a movie, you won't be woken up by loud repetitive menus.
  7. Own VCRs and VHS tapes and you are owning a piece of history.
  8. Kids love it! Children enjoy cartoon movies such as Disney, which are still out there on VHS. They think VCRs are also useful for storing things such as toys, cheerios, coins and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  9. No internet or monthly subscription required.
  10. There are original movies that will never be available on DVD or online.
  11. VHS movies can be found for pennies on the dollar at yard sales.
  12. You really feel like you're getting your money's worth when you hold it in your hand. It's not some cheap frisbee.
  13. You don't have to wait for those stupid menus to load. Put in the tape and you're already there!
  14. It's the easiest form of home video recording that was made. There's no need to wait for a disc to format or finalize, just push a button to record and it's already done and ready to watch.
  15. You can record from anything you want. All you need is a Composite Audio/Video cable and you can record whatever your fancy. Record from your camcorder, another VCR or even gameplay from your Nintendo64. The possibilities are endless!
  16. Everybody has that box of VHS tapes from family reunions or birthdays that they've been hanging on to for years. Get a VCR so you can watch Aunt Betty fall into the pool over and over again. 



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