Fun Facts About VHS Tapes and VCRs

Fun Facts About VHS Tapes and VCRs

    At SpenCertified, we provide the highest quality of refurbished vintage electronics on the planet. Today, we are going to provide you with some great fun facts about one of our best selling products, the VCR.
  1. VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder
  2. The first movie released on VHS was The Young Teacher, a South Korean drama about a teacher who organizes a volleyball game at her school to boost self-confidence and school spirit in her students.
  3. VHS stands for Video Home System
  4. The best selling movie sold on VHS was The Lion King in 1995. 32 million copies were sold, generating 520 million in revenue.
  5. A basic VCR will have 2 video heads, but 2 additional heads for Hi-Fi audio are added, and a VCR with more stable low speed playback has 6 heads.
  6. The average VHS tape is 1,410 feet long.
  7. The VHS debuted in Japan on September 6, 1976 and in the US on August 23, 1977
  8. Many people still record television shows onto VHS.
  9. The last movie released on VHS was A History of Violence.
  10. The world's last DVD/VCR was made in June 2016 by Japan's Funai Electric. 
  11. The VCR was sold for $1000-$1400 in 1975 when they were first introduced. 
  12. DVHS tapes are high definition VHS tapes that play at 1080i resolution! This is higher quality than VHS tapes and even SVHS.
  13. June 7 is now National VCR day! Americans missed the format enough to devote an entire day to celebrate the home video devices.
  14. The first VCR to use VHS was the Victor HR-3300 and in 2008 it was registered with Japan's National Museum Of Nature And Science
  15. There are lots of ways to celebrate the VCR and VHS technologies - one interesting organization called the Found Footage Festival devotes its time to searching for bizarre, unique, and amazing old VHS tapes found in second-hand stores and garage sales, and then displays them to live audiences around the country! What a quirky, fun way to celebrate!


Thank you for your time! And if your friends ask you about where you got all this interesting information, don't forget to tell them you got it from SpenCertified.


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