How Do I Connect my DVD VCR Combo to my TV?

How Do I Connect my DVD VCR Combo to my TV?

Hey! Curious about how to connect your DVD VCR combo player to your TV? Below is the easiest way to set it up! Let's get to it!

Here's What You'll Need to Start With:

  • Just a basic DVD VCR combo player will work just fine.
  • A TV.
  • Red/white/yellow audio video cables OR component a/v cables for better video.

Let's Get to The Steps Now:

  1. To begin, you'll take your red/yellow/white audio video cables and insert them under A/V OUT on the back of your player.
  2. Put the other end of your A/V cable into the back of your TV under the same colors.
  3. Press the input button on your remote or TV, and set it to VIDEO 1 (or 2).
  4. Put your VHS in and enjoy!

This is all you have to do, and it's the easiest way to set up your VCR!

Other Outlet/Port Information:

  • Component: Component A/V cables are used for higher resolution and only work for the DVD side of your combo player.
  • S-Video: S-Video will give you better quality than basic video, but it's not as good as Component will. Only for the DVD player.
  • Analog Audio: This is for sound and is used with Component and S-Video.
  • Coaxial and Optical: These will both give you superior audio, you can connect them to your surround sound system. Keep in mind, optical is better than coaxial! 
  • Tuner: Allows you to get analog cable through your device and watch it on your TV.
  • Line In: Where you can connect a separate device and play it. (ex. a game console)
  • HDMI Out: This gives you best audio and video possible without using digital audio
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