How to Record VHS Tape to VHS Tape Using Two Seperate VCRs

How to Record VHS Tape to VHS Tape Using Two Seperate VCRs

This is a pretty simple process. You’ll probably remember it forever after this! You will need 2 VCRs, of course. Make sure you connect them to each other with the red, yellow, and white audio/video cables. Check that each end is properly plugged into the IN and OUT ports. Know which direction the signals are going from each recorder. All you’re going to need after this is the non-copy protected tape you would like to copy, place that in one VCR, and an empty recordable cassette tape, place that in the other.

Grab a composite cable and plug it into the OUT port on the source VCR. Next, connect the other end of the cable to the IN port on the second VCR. This will initiate recording capabilities.

What are inputs? 

The front panel in ports on a VCR

Or you can use the back panel.

Rear in ports on a VCR

If you have not done this already, connect the recording VCR to your TV if you would like to watch the VHS being recorded. Attach the cable input to the playback VCR’s OUT ports and the other end to the TV. This is not necessary for playback and recording.

Make sure both VCRs are securely plugged into a power source, and set to the same channel. The most recommended channel to use is (L-1).

Insert the playback tape into the playback VCR. Insert the blank recordable VHS tape into the recording VCR. After this is done, press Play on the playback VCR. Press record on the recording VCR. It should begin recording the playback cassette while it’s playing.

Press Pause on the recording VCR to simply pause the recording. Press Stop on the recording VCR, then stop on the playback VCR to completely end the recording. Stopping the playback VCR first will just result in you recording whatever is playing on TV!

Go ahead and rewind your second VCR’s VHS tape after the recording is done. Confirm that it copied successfully. That’s it! Happy retro recording! 

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