How to replace the belts on a cassette player

How to replace the belts on a cassette player

How do I fix the belt system on my cassette deck? This is something that you may be wondering if you arrived here. It is actually rather simple if you follow these instructions. These directions will apply to a range of cassette players. If you want a more specific tutorial, checkout some of our instructional videos on YouTube at this link. You can find repairs on Yamaha, Pioneer, Onkyo and Sony Cassette decks. More will be added in the future. I recommend reviewing the videos prior to starting.  Click here to view.



Tools that are necessary for the repair. 

  • Small screwdriver kit
  • Replacement belt kit system
  • Scissors or sharp object
  • Cleaning supplies. (Rubbing alcohol, paper towels and/or similar items) If the belt system is completely worn, it probably made a big mess on the inside of the machine.

Steps for repair-

1. The first step is to remove the screws holding in the top panel. There should be 1-2 on each side and 1-3 on the rear panel. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove these screws.

2. Once the screws are removed, lift the top off. The way you accomplish this is a little different from deck to deck. You want to be gentle when doing this as you can break it if you aren't careful. You may need to pull the sides outward and lift up straight. You may need to slide it backward. Or you may need to lift the rear edge first and slide out. 

3. When the top panel is off, the next thing is to get the front panel off. To do this, disconnect any wires integrated with the front panel. Do not remove any soldered wires! If it doesn't come off easily,  you can probably leave it alone. 

4. Remove the screws that hold the front panel on. There should be 1-5 on the bottom and 0-4 on the right and left end.

5. Once the screws are off, slide the panel off. You may need to unclip the ends, top or bottom. 

6. You might notice that the panel is stuck on. Check for zip ties that require removal. They can be very annoying to remove, but get them off if necessary. 

7. (Sometimes this step can be skipped.) Now that the front panel is off, depending on the type of deck you have, you may need to remove the a deck from the panel. To do this, push the eject button and remove the door panel. The are 2-4 clips holding it on, it should simply slide upward and allow removal.

8. (Sometimes this step can be skipped) Remove the 2-5 screws holding the deck to the panel. Once the screws are off, slide the deck out. Leave the deck in the eject position during removal.

9. Many cassette decks do not require you to remove the deck, some do. At this point, you will need to remove the motor panel and system. Check for 2-4 screws holding on the motor. Remove the screws and motor panel. There may be 2 clip / catches that you will need to undo.

10. Once you have access to the belt system, you can remove the old belts. This may require some cleaning. A flat head driver is good for getting the bulk of it. Clean the rest of the belt from the deck, you want it to be VERY clean.

11. Attach your belt kit. If you have a counter belt, attach it to where you removed the original one. The counter belt is the smaller belt. Cassette decks have many different designs for the counter belt, do your best to attach it properly. Once that belt is on, wrap the drive belt around the drive wheel. Often times, you will wrap the opposite end of the belt around 3 catches that emerge from the deck in the motor area. 

12. Once your belts are on, reattach the motor. Once the motor is reattached, maneuver the belts on to the motors. Spin the drive to ensure the belt is completely on. Be careful when doing this, you may cause the deck to think a cassette is inserted, causing eject problems.

13. Reattach the deck to the front panel.

14. If you have a double cassette deck, do the other deck the same way.

15. Put everything back together and test it out.


Have questions or stuck somewhere? Comment below for assistance. You may also have us take care of the repair if you prefer. Send it to us with the link HERE


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