Trying to find a VCR? We've got them!

Trying to find a VCR? We've got them!


This is a very common question because finding a VCR is hard these days. Fortunately for you, there is an online VCR shop that is here to help you find exactly what you need. 


We promise to have the best warranty, best price and highest quality products on the market. You have no reason to shop anywhere else!

Is It Possible To Buy A New VCR?

Buying a new VCR is difficult because they are rare. You should expect to pay 3 or 4 times what it would have cost originally. Furthermore, your options are limited. While they are hard to find, we here at SpenCertified have come across a few options that we are proud to offer. A Sansui VRDVD4001A DVD/VCR combo and Panasonic PV-V4603S VCR.

VCRs have been discontinued for several years now and are known as an extinct product. The manufacturers are done with both selling and fixing them. The best, and just about only place to buy a VCR and similar things is SpenCertified

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Where can I buy a VHS Player?

At this link to

VCRs (Video Cassette Recorders)


Where can I buy a DVD VCR?

At this link to

DVD/VCR Player Combos


Where can I buy a VCR to transfer VHS tapes to DVD?

At this link to SpenCertified

 Two Way Dubbing DVD VCR



Order online or call us at 480-207-1511.

We also have many other collections of vintage and collectable items, such as record players and LaserDisc players. Please be sure to check them out!


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