One Of The Best DVD VCR Combo Recorders (Sanyo FWZV475F)

One Of The Best DVD VCR Combo Recorders (Sanyo FWZV475F)

This combo recorder is still available on SpenCertified and in large demand, but are quickly growing scarce. When recording onto a DVD, the FWZV475F is fully compatible with all DVD-R and DVD-RW disc formats, which are also generally compatible with most DVD playing sources.

recordable formats for sanyo vhs to dvd recorder

You can of course, play and record VHS tapes, and play and record DVDs, as well as dub either.

The FWZV475F can play a wide array of disc formats including CDs, Kodak CDs, and picture discs as well.

playable discs for sanyo vhs to dvd disk transfer machine

Some of the inputs on the back include S-Video, composite, HDMI and component outputs. It has the ability to upconvert to 1080p when connected to a 1080p TV, and 720p when connected to a 720p TV.

Something else that is super notable about the FWZV475F is that it has line-in recording! There are many more features where these came from! If you’re looking for one of these, stop! We have an unused, AKA “new” one available in our store. Click the link HERE to check it out! 


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