What is SpenCertified?

Simply put, SpenCertified means quality. From the moment we obtain a vintage product, the SpenCertification process begins. We only find and refurbish the highest quality products that have stood the test of time.

  1. Our trained employees go over each and every product, giving it a full quality test to ensure the item is fully functional. Then it's time for the technicians to step in.
  2. Our quality Technicians take apart every item and check every moving part and component to verify that you are getting the quality you deserve. They start by fully cleaning the inside to remove years of dust, dirt and whatever else may have gotten stuck inside. Through the years we have found everything from coins to thumbtacks and even plastic army men stuck inside of an item. You never know what was the downfall of a VCR until you take it apart and find out that there is a padlock key stuck in the gears. After they clean out 30+ years of buildup, they continue the process by replacing all worn belts, gears and every little thing that may have come dislodged, blown out, worn out broke down and tore up. Once the item gets our technicians stamp of approval, it only then gets added to our inventory to wait for purchase. Once you purchase an item we remove it from inventory and then our fulfillment process begins.
  3. Our fulfillment team takes extra care in cleaning the outside of the item to bring it up to like-new quality. After years of use and abuse, some items might not look like they did when they were brand-new. Rest assured though, these nicks and scratches are the battle scars of these seasoned warriors. We also clean the heads of every VCR and cassette player, the lens of every CD and DVD player and all internals are given a full once-over. Once an item has been cleaned and passes our cleanliness test, we then give it our full stress test. Your item is then given the most rigorous test of its life before ever being shipped out. VHS tapes are inserted and ejected multiple times, DVDs and CDs are loaded and unloaded repeatedly. For VCRs we record and play back for hours, and the same goes for cassette players. For CD and DVD players with multiple discs we will play them for hours and hours testing repeat, random and program playback. For our DVD recorders we will record onto VHS and DVD both to make sure that there isn't a feature on your item that isn't working. All inputs and outputs are tested and confirmed fully operational before we pass your item along to the next step, boxing for shipment. 
  4. Our shipping team is the last step in the process and the most important in you receiving your item in the best possible condition. Once in the hands of our packers/shippers, they will give everything a once over and only then will your item be fully SpenCertified. Our warranty stickers are applied and your item is wrapped in 2-3 inches of bubble wrap. We then secure your item inside the box to warrant against damage from jostling and bouncing due to shipment. Air pillows are stuffed along the sides, top and bottom to create the most cushioning possible. Every effort is made to make sure that there are no problems on the road to you. We then tape up the box and send it on its way to you, ready to be enjoyed by you and yours for years to come.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Hopefully this was informative for you and gave you a little insight as to who we are, and how we strive for excellence in all we do. We want to be the your first choice for vintage electronics online, and will do everything we can to prove it to you. 

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