Terms and Conditions for Customer Repairs

  1. Items left for more than 60 days without communication are considered surrendered. All items surrendered will be considered property of SpenCertified after the 60 day period.
  2. Warranty on all repairs is 30 days from receipt of item and covers only repairs made. SpenCertified is not responsible if you choose not to use your item until the warranty period has ended. Please test your repaired item as soon as possible and notify us of any issues that occur.
  3. Repairs sometimes require more time than expected. Please understand that all time frames given are estimates, and we do not guarantee completion by any date. If you feel your repair is taking longer than the estimate received, please feel free to contact us for an update on your repair status.
  4. Many of the items that we work on are over 30 years old and may have deteriorating wire or plastic. SpenCertified is not responsible for any wiring or plastic that may get damaged during the repair process.
  5. SpenCertified is not responsible for any additional problems that may be discovered during the repair.
  6. SpenCertified is not responsible for any cosmetic damage that may occur during the repair process.
  7. SpenCertified is not responsible for damaged turntable needles. We will try our best to keep them the they were when dropped off.
  8. When dropping off or sending in a device for repair, you understand that SpenCertified will try their best to repair your equipment within a reasonable time frame and for a reasonable cost.


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