Pioneer DV-37 Elite Single Disc DVD CD Player

Pioneer DV-37 Elite Single Disc DVD CD Player


Jeff Got scammed a few times - Luckily he found SpenCertified!

The Pioneer DV-37 is a high-quality DVD player that's known for its quality build, great picture and sound, and number of output options. Its PureCinema progressive scan output processes the DVD signal completely in the digital domain, which requires only one D-A conversion and thus eliminates any associated signal degradation.


Every function has been confirmed 100% what is and what is not working. The Disc Player and its lens have been cleaned. Any worn parts and belts have been replaced.

Cosmetic condition: Very Good.

Functional Condition: Very Good.


  • Pioneer DV-37 Elite Single Disc DVD CD Player
  • Power Cord
  • Audio/Video Cable

Other information about the Pioneer DV-37

  • PureCinemaTM Progressive Scan (3-2 Pulldown)
  • 10-bit / 54MHz Video Signal DAC for high-quality DVD pictures
  • Fine Focus Filter with 4:4:4 Video up-sampling
  • 15 Video Parameter Adjustments w/ 3 User Memories (Progressive Motion,
  • PureCinema (on, off, Auto), YNR, CNR, Mosquito NR, Block NR, Sharpness High,
  • Sharpness Mid, Detail, White level, Black Level, Hue, Chroma Level, Chroma Delay
  • 3 Factory Video Settings (CRT / Projector / Professional)
  • Twin-Wave Laser Pickup for CD / Video CD / CD-R / CD-RW playback
  • Parallel S-Video / Composite / Component Video Outputs
  • Pioneer Exclusive Viterbi Error Correction with Accurate Digital Servo for Superior Reading Accuracy
  • Trick Play Processor with 16MB VRAM for smooth special-effects play
  • Still Play (Field or Frame with Auto)
  • Still Step Play Forward and Reverse
  • Slow Motion Playback
  • Dual 96KHz/24-bit Audio DAC for superb sound quality
  • Hi-Bit Legato Link Conversion
  • Symmetrical Audio Circuit Layout Design
  • Dolby Digital, DTS
  • High Speed Loading - Faster by 30%
  • High Speed Resume -Faster by 50%
  • Setup Navigator for first time setup that walks you through set-up
  • Advanced GUI ( Graphical User Interface) with Basic/Expert Mode
  • Time & Frame Search (search by hr:min:sec or individual frames)
  • Transfer Bit Rate Indicator
  • Program Memory (Chapter/Title) (DVD)
  • Resume Play (DVD,Video CD)
  • Condition Memory (DVD)
  • Continue Play Memory (DVD,Video CD)
  • Program Play (CD Track, Video/Chapter, Title)


  • 16.6" x 14.6" x 5.1" (Length x Width x Height)


  • Control In x1 (back)
  • AC In x1 (back)


  • Control Out x1 (back)
  • Optical x1 (back)
  • Coaxial x1 (back)
  • Component x1 (back)
  • Analog Audio L/R x2 (back)
  • S-Video x2 (back)
  • Video x2 (back)


  • MFD. May, 2001
  • Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

Edward W.

Customer Since December 2017

I have always been impressed with the items I received even after a couple years they continue to work. This is the reason why I always keep returning as a customer.

Alexander W.

Customer Since March 2018

For the price I paid the quality was great and I use my 400 Disc cd changer everyday.


Customer Since July 2018

Very happy with what we got! I made the mistake of first getting this item from Amazon and received it not working at all... I will order from them again and highly recommend them to everyone!

John D

Customer Since August 2018

For a couple of years, I have been looking for a replacement for my Toshiba DVD Recorder that was starting to break down. I had placed four orders with Amazon....3 of the recorders did not work and had to be returned, the fourth order was canceled by the seller before shipping with no explanation. An internet search brought me to and I found a refurbished Toshiba recorder similar to the one I was using. Without high expectations, I placed another order with them. SpenCertified let me know when my order was placed and kept me fully updated during the shipping process. The recorder arrived in about 4 days (much quicker than I anticipated) and works perfectly. The box included the recorder, remote and users' manual and advertised. I am very satisfied with my experience with SpenCertified and plan to order additional equipment from them. I highly recommend them.


Customer Since May 2020

I was totally amazed with the speed of delivery for my order. Ordered on May 4 and received on May 8! It was very thoughtful of them to email me to offer assistance and to ensure I was happy with my purchase. Great Job!

Jan S

Customer Since March 2018

Being a senior who refuses to give up VCR'S, I was in a panic because my last one died and no one sells them anymore in CA. Luckily I discovered SpenCertified, and will never have to worry again. I can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with the fantastic service they provide. My sets arrived in a timely manner, extremely well wrapped and the friendly emails offering any help were appreciated. I will continue to do business with them in the future and plan to refer them to all my friends. Thank you, guys... YOU CAN BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.

Evelyn S.

Customer Since March 2018

When my beloved VCR died, I discovered new ones were not being manufactured as before. All my tapes, collected over many years - - lost!? All future recordings - - lost!? What to do? Then, I discovered SpenCertified. I was wary. Was this a scam? I was afraid. Would my purchase truly be guaranteed? I wanted, I NEEDED, a working VCR, so I made my order. The packaging was perfect, the VCR was even better than advertised, Spencer was extremely helpful. I am a very satisfied customer. 


Customer Since June 2018

I just got my vhs dvd player in the mail. I was so impressed how well they kept me informed about it. When i got it it was well packaged no problems. We hooked it up and works great. Thank you so much will do buisness again.

Clifford Escover

Customer Since May 2019

I searched the stores and then the web looking for a Bluray player w/ HDMI & RCA audio outputs ; they hadn’t made them in years Was quite a search ... then I found SpenCertified .. I purchased a refurbished LG BD 300, it came with all cables,owners manual and remote 😂😂 with batteries ! And looks brand new !I am extremely pleased. Highly recommend and we will be purchasing again when we need to find a hard to get item.