How to Keep Your CD Player Clean and Running Well For Years

How to Keep Your CD Player Clean and Running Well For Years

By not maintaining your CD player, or recorder every couple of years or so, you’re putting your CD player at risk for lowered sound quality and disc reading errors. You should only do the following if you see dust from the outside of the CD player (ie. on the tray or near it, dust in vents/fans or other obvious places), the play quality has declined or you just feel like doing it!

The first thing you should do is confirm all discs have been removed from the CD player. Power it off and unplug the player from its power source.


Next thing you’ll want to do is blow the dust out of the tray opening. This can easily be accomplished by using a handheld air bulb, or a can of compressed air. If you’re going to use compressed air, only press the trigger briefly to prevent excessive force and wetness from the can.


If you want to really clean your CD player, and you don’t mind voiding a possible warranty, you can remove the top. Just simply remove the 2-7 screws on the top and sides that hold the top in place. Gently remove the top panel.

With an air can, blow out all the dust you can. If it looks good, you may move forward. If there is still dust, you may wipe it gently with a dry lint free cloth. Then use the air can again.

Cleaning the lens

If you have access to lens, skip this next step. Remove the tiny screws that hold the cover for the lens in place and remove the cover. With a soft cloth, wipe the lens gently. Use the air can if useful. Reassemble once you have it nice and shiny throughout.

Now your done.

You probably don’t want to try much more if nothing in this article helped save your CD player. If your attempt was unsatisfactory, you are always welcome to buy a serviced, warranted and cleaned CD player from us! Click the following link to check out our large variety of CD players. 


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