Are CDs Better Than Music Streaming / Downloading

Are CDs Better Than Music Streaming / Downloading

Are Compact Discs a Superior Format?



You may have asked yourself this question sometime over the years, or maybe even recently. Many formats have came and went, but the CD is alive and breathing all over the world still! Almost 32 million CDs were sold, just in 2020! They will continue to be purchased for a long time. After all, the CD was the first very successful digital format, so it won’t be going away any time soon. CD sales are slowly declining over the years, but that certainly doesn’t mean other formats are better, like streaming and downloading music.


1. What makes CDs better than just downloading music?

Bitrate. CDs have a bitrate of 1,411 kbps, that is more than 4 times higher than MP3 downloads  at 320 kbps. The higher the bitrate, the clearer and more precise the sound. This basically means you will hear things that you have never heard before in your music!


2. Why is downloading more popular?

Most prefer to download music because of convenience. You can easily download your music under subscriptions via streaming apps, websites, and mp3 files onto your phone.  


3. Are music files and apps better than CD players?

Downloaded music and CD music do not compare and never will. You could never get the full music effect by just streaming or using an MP3 file. Because of its convenience and popularity among younger people, it’s the fastest growing source of music and video content. Most high quality CD players aren’t portable, which is why streaming will always be the the most popular format.


4. Are new or used CDs better? 

Used CDs are the cheapest they’ve ever been (due to streaming.) But just because it’s used, doesn’t mean it’s going to sound much different at all, had it been new.


5. Is downloading music really more convenient though?

With most music playing apps, you would need a solid internet connection to ever play or download music, which is not available to everyone, especially in rural areas. You also need to ensure that your phone is charged up. With CDs, all you need is a CD player and a simple source to output the sound. Some could easily debate which is more convenient.



 6. You own the music physically when it is on disc.

With CDs, you get the benefit of owning the actual Album. With downloads you don't have this benefit. Especially if you use a subscription service, you are basically renting the music until you don't want to pay for it anymore. Then you lose all of your music.



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Thanks for reading this, hopefully you can now understand that CDs have great benefits that don't exist with downloadable music.


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